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Ebike Build Support & FAQ

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Common Questions

1How fast do they go?
The answer depends on many factors including how you configure your bike for speed and torque. The lower end motors will give you a conservative top speed between 40 and 55 kmh.

The higher end motors and with higher voltage battery packs will deliver more speed - up to 80kmh or more!
2How far will they go?
Again, the answer depends on several factors. The F.U.T.R frames generally have a lot more capacity to store battery power, so they make the perfect choice for longer distance riding.

A very rough guide would be 50 to 150 km's. The main factors influencing range are riding style, and battery capacity & configuration for distance.
3How long do they take to charge?
More variable answers! Typically rapid charging can get you fully charged in about an hour. However taking it slow has many benefits.

Depending on your battery pack size, with normal settings, allow 2-4 hours for a full charge.






Build Support

1Where do I buy x from?
As Ebikes become more popular there is an ever growing number of suppliers and providers of specialist ebike parts and gear.

To get the right parts at the right price you can:

Ask me, for local / aussie suppliers.
Search of the Internet
Look to https://endless-sphere.com/forums/
Facebook ebike groups often have sales / group buys
2What plugs into what?
Ebike wiring can appear to be a nightmare of cabling and wires with all sorts of wild and wonderful connectors.

Half the fun is figuring out what is what, but you will soon realise that it is not too complicated to figure out. Generally things are colour coordinated or have matching plugs, but you will most likely be making new ends, soldering, crimping and re-wiring something at some stage.

Generally there are wiring diagrams available and if in doubt you can ask me or look to the Internet for generally helpful advice.
3Its not working! Now what?
Things happen! Troubleshooting can be frustrating but hunting down gremlins is now easier thanks to the Internet. However applying a little bit of common sense can help a great deal. Top things to look out for include:

* Electrical shorts, ensure all you connections are covered and don't have any exposed wire to touch other wires or metal parts.

* Loose connections, check all your plugs and soldering / crimping work to see that a solid connection is made.

* Wrong connections, have you changed anything recently?

*Weather affected it? Have you ridden through any rainstorms or jumped from a 20ft drop recently?

* Try turning it off on again. / Disconnect battery & reconnect.

* Does your display give you any clues as to the problem?

* Further trouble shooting includes, isolation testing where you can swap out parts you think might be faulty.

* A multimeter is also a handy to ensure wires are connected and voltage values are correct.

* I'm happy to assist with any troubleshooting you may have.
Ebikes require similar maintenance to a normal bike. This includes checking and maintaining:

* Bolts / screws / nuts tightened
* Spokes tight and wheels trued
* Tyres pumped
* Steering tight and straight
* Pedals, Cranks & chain working smooth
As far as the electric motor is concerned there is basically zero maintenance. Over time bearings or internal parts may need attention. I'd consider this similar to your 100,000k car service.

The battery requires very little maintenance. Top tips to extend life include:

* Occasionally give it a full charge & time to balance.
* Charge just before you ride if possible
* Leave bike resting around 50% of charge
* Charge slow / normal and always monitor during charging

Other maintenance for an ebike generally speaking includes checking connections and wires for wear / exposure or corrosion.

Building Information & Tips

1Battery Building
Check out my battery building videos by clicking here
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3Controller Configuration & Tuning
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4Suspension Basics
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5Mounting Hardware
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