[SOLD] Lash Ebike - 'Assailant' For Sale & Order

The World is Yours!

SOLD - Lash Ebike - 'Assailant' - Special Price $5,900 AUD Complete - Ride Away!


I'm very excited to offer this unique ebike for sale! (Local / Australia Only)

This listing is for a white Lash ebike, I've code-named 'Assailant'. What you see is what you get, its ready to go! So lets get the low-down on this beautiful ebike!

Straight up it's a pure joy to ride, this is no toy. With 1900+ watts on tap hitting 47+Kmh on the flat as her top speed with a nice pedal cadence, you can ride like this for miles and get where you need to go fast.

But whats better than the speed on this 'assailant'?. Let me tell you - With the highest torque '12Turn' geared MAC motor, simply "It Pulls". Give it a wrap on the throttle and it will lift the front end without much encouragement. Pull up steep hills with ease and take off from the line like you mean business. Stay tuned for a video review. (I cant wait to do it!)

The pics tell the story, so as you can see, this bike is white in colour and I've made this bike truly unique with white rims and white forks. It didn't take me long to fall in love with this colour combo and the high contrast style it creates! It looks awesome!

To be honest I want to keep it! But it must go, as I have more bikes to make before Christmas!

The front suspension is beautiful, supple, plush and a high quality unit. You will love it. 170mm! Its awesome!

The bike is ready to ride and comes complete with battery, controller, motor, display, throttle, charger, all what you see, and great value - high end gear all round.

Fitted with high quality rims and grippy Michelin offroad tyres its more than ready for the weekends most gnarly trails and midweek excursion's.

Fast Electric Bikes Start With Quality Frames

Manufactured in Melbourne, the FUTR Beta frame is made from high quality steel. Its light, offers plenty of battery space, has a concentric bottom bracket, and its stance is perfect for all round riding terrain at speed.

Tough and light, with a beautiful finish, simple and smart design, its the smart choice for a custom DIY style high performance ebikes. With the battery compartment built right into the frame you get a neat and tidy finish right from the start. You want to be turning heads for the right reasons, not because it looks like you're riding a science experiment.

Put the gaffa tape and hose clamps away - there's no need for 'strap-ons' or ugly torque arms because the frame is built with special plates that clamp your axle in snug to the frame. A purpose built frame makes so much sense for high performance and good looking ebikes.

Relax and ride safe, these dropouts are built to handle the weight and torque from your 'wicked up' hub motor.

Confidently shred your local trails or slay your commute to work in record time because this bike is designed right, influenced by the guys behind Stealth electric bikes. You know the ones - selling performance electric bikes all over the world! If your new to performance ebikes, design matters, I'm talking head-tube angles, ride height, strength, low center of gravity, step through convenience, and of course dual suspension - an absolute must for any performance electric bike!

Range Anxiety Smashed!

Its a thing of the past. Put your meds away, you see this battery is almost THREE times the capacity as what you will find in a commercial "performance mountain ebike". This build has 14s8p configuration using Sanyo GA cells, giving you about 1450 watt hours at your disposal. (That's alot). In real world terms this will give you 80-120K's of pretty hardcore riding. Even longer if you're just cruising!

This is no bullshit spec-sheet / range simulator hype, this is exactly what I expect. I range tested my 14s6p (slightly smaller) battery on a similar setup and achieved 70K's of brutal off road riding range. (Watch the video here

The battery has a quality 60A BMS (Battery Management System) onboard so your battery will look after itself, balance and stay protected. There's plenty of headroom to use this battery for higher end motors if you choose to down the track.

Using genuine Sanyo 18650 GA cells the pack has maximum energy density and is light as possible.

In fact the whole bike only weighs 29Kgs because of the efficient geared MAC motor

I've selected a special torque simulator controller to work with the MAC motor, ensuring smooth power delivery.

Stay tuned for a video soon - but for now check out the pics below!

Enquire Now, Test Ride & Buy *Conditions Apply* Once its gone its gone! Pickup is from Bendigo, Victoria.

For more information, or to order a new build, send me an email or give me a call.

[email protected] or 0401 355 525

Componentry & Specs

  • White FUTR Beta Ebike Frame
  • Assembled as Pictured.
  • White X-Fusion Suspension Fork 170mm travel!
  • DNM RCP2 Rear Shock
  • Shimano Axle Type Bottom Bracket
  • 3K Carbon Seatpost & Red Alloy Clamp
  • Plush Racing MTB Seat
  • 3K Carbon Riser Bars 720mm
  • 7075 Alloy Stem
  • Nukeproof Headset
  • 4 Bearing Large Quality Pedals
  • VXM Wide Alloy Cranks
  • 48T Narrow-wide Chain Ring & 7Sp Cassette & KMC Chain
  • MAC 12T High Torque Geared Hub Motor
  • Torque Controller & KT-LCD3 Display
  • 203mm Rotors & Shimano M6000 Hydrolic brakes
  • 26" MTX 33 Rims & Novatec Hub with Michelin Tyres
  • Shimano 7 Speed Deraileur & Sunrace Twist shift (fitted to LH side)
  • 54v (Nominal) 14s8p 27Ah battery with Sanyo 18650GA cells. & 60A BMS
  • Quality 300w Charger

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