Lash Ebike Battery FOR SALE

What You See Is What You Get

[Sold] Lash Ebike Battery 52v 15Ah - 14s5p $669 AUD


Contact me to order one just like it!
Samsung 30Q cells.
295x80x110 mm
Spot welded .2mm nickel strip
Corner edge protection

Suit backpack style battery setup or frame bag setup.
58.8v off the charger (not supplied) with a 50A safe discharge Amp rating will have you hauling ass!
This could be a great upgrade to a stock 48v kit - get more range and top end speed without replacing anything else!

Pickup is from Bendigo, Victoria.
No shipping offered at this stage.
Call or email Lee to buy or for more details.
0401 355 525, [email protected]

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