Nickel Strip for EBike Battery Spot Welding

Are you looking for some quality 100% legit nickel strip for building your own ebike or electric skateboard battery?

Good news, I have quite a bit of excess nickel strip up for grabs.

The specs are:

  • .2mm thick
  • 25mm wide
  • 5 meter lengths
  • 99+% high quality nickel (I ordered straight from a nickel product making factory).
  • This is NOT plated steel strip.

As of September 2019 I have a number of these 5 meter rolls up for sale and at a tip-top price for fellow Aussie DIY battery builders.

The 25mm wide format may not suit everyone, but it’s great for quickly joining rows of cells (your parallel groups) into series. You can do this with the one strip, which saves time spot welding and assembling the pack. See examples below.

With less fiddly bits its faster, and may even be safer as there is less sharp edges around that could create a short. If nothing else it might be a neater looking build.

Another thing I like about this size of strip is that it can take more amps in the one strip than your typical 7mm wide strip. So if you are pushing the limits of your cells and battery, you will want more nickel than ‘normal’ to carry the current without heat build up.

This thread is a good starting point to get an idea on spec limits and design ideas – to build a safe and fit-for-purpose battery.

Below are some pictures of my battery builds during the build process using the strip so you can get an idea of the size and assembly types. Eg. You can use it to make two row parallel groups too.

How many batteries can I build with 5 meters of nickel strip?

Obviously this depends on how big your battery is. I’d take a guess that it it plenty for one large ebike battery – Similar to a Stealth Bomber or like the FUTR Alpha. For smaller ‘normal’ ebike batteries i’d say 2-3 ebike batteries. And for eskate batteries. Maybe 4 to 5.

To order a roll or two, simply email me and we can take it from there.


5m roll is $25 + $10 postage. So $35 AUD shipped anywhere in Australia.