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The Ebike Frame of Choice

I build my ebikes using the F.U.T.R frames. They are designed and built in Melbourne by the guys behind Stealth electric bikes. Simply put they know how to make strong, reliable, good looking high performance ebikes! My ebikes are similar to the P7R and the epic Bomber Ebike.

If you’re looking to build up, customise and ride a high performance custom ebike then the choice is simple. Alpha or Beta? (or why not both!)

Lash EbikesAlpha

New Ebike Kits Available Now in Bendigo

I’m testing out my new kits right now and have a few goodies available (limited supply).

Get in touch by email for the latest availability in ebikes, frames, motor kits etc.

Aiming for the perfect blend of performance, weight, cost, stealth and style I have, in my opinion put together the best, performance electric bike money can buy. I use the F.U.T.R frame as its strong, light, comfortable and tweakable geometry for speed and performance, and the best original DIY option out there. Forget unreliable copies, do it once, do it right. Plus they are made right here in Melbourne, so you are even supporting local manufacturing and jobs.

Built from the ground up for DIY enthusiasts top features include built in “torque arms”. (safety first!). Ample battery space. Room for wide tyres and max suspension compression. Ride height for all sizes. Geometry and style sets you up for a stable ride that looks the part and can handle fast offroad ‘punishment’ and super commuting.

For The DIY Enthusiast

If you’re looking to build up, tinker and create a fast, fun, personalised, high performance custom ebike then you are in the right place. If you’d prefer long warranties and scheduled servicing over soldering irons, drills, glue and swearing then head over to stealth electric bikes or head down to your local bike shop and pick up a ride instead.

See my contact details down below to get in touch for a yarn or to organise a ride.

Lash “Intimidator” – 1500w Ebike Motor & Controller Kit

Lash EbikesThe Intimidator With Motor Kit installed on the BETA frame.

Get The Intimidator (Above) Today, WITHOUT BATTERY, PRICE – $4,395 AUD (PRIVATE SALE)

Learn More – Click here for details

This epic rear hub kit is the bees knees. (Enquire / Pre-Order Only)

It features an aluminum stator for light weight and better cooling properties. It comes laced in a 26″ Sunringle rim saving you time and money and has 135mm spaced dropouts with a 14mm axle to slot right into your current mountain bike or new F.U.T.R BETA Frame. Check out the specs and extra info below.

  • 1500w rated motor (can handle higher wattage bursts with user discretion – watch those temps!)
  • 0.35mm laminations for greater efficiency.
  • Thicker phase wires for more current handling (approx 13 AWG)
  • Curved magnets for more torque density
  • Standard 6 bolt disc holes
  • 14mm Axle
  • Temp sensor wire for thermal monitoring
  • Hall wires
  • Pro lacing and tensioned – ready to ride
  • 26″ Sunringle Rim (39mm wide)
  • The controller is a basic 12Fet KT Chinese controller capable of 35A. A good unit to get started with, plug and play compatibility.
  • The display is a very nice low profile colored widescreen style display and gives you all your vitals including, speed, voltage, power output, distance etc.

Wheel KIT With Controller, Display & Throttle. PRICE – Est $595 AUD (PRE-ORDER ONLY)

Big thanks goes out to Sam of Ballarat electric bikes and Barent Hoffman of West Coast Ebike in the US, and I’m sure other key players on ES in pushing the development of this motor. Thanks to Hyena too for his efforts bringing the FUTR frames into reality for us DIY enthusiasts. Check out the ES build log thread here.

Rolling FUTR Alpha Ebike Frame & Wheel Kits

The Rolling Kits suit the DIY bike builder on a budget who wants the best but doesn’t have all the time in the world to devote to researching & sourcing every tiny component. I’ve done the hard yards and spent thousands of hours researching, building, buying, trying and tweaking to put together the best value package I can.

Get in touch to see what I have available! As of March 2019 I have 2 (white / grey) Rolling Alpha Frames with powerful v3 motors and 19″ motorcycle tyres screaming to hit the trails. Priced sharp they are ready for a battery and controller to be wired in to unleash epic grin inducing fun & performance! Can’t afford a Tesla? Love Bikes? This IS the answer!

Check out the pics of the rolling frames and a summary of the key details below.

Rolling Ebike Kits – Premium Performance Ready for Completion & Customising
  • New FUTR Alpha Frame – Assembled as pictured with all new parts
  • Powerful V3 Motor (3000w+) Aluminium stator with high end specs & design for superior performance
    • Pro laced into 19″ custom alloy motorcycle rim & Shinko trials tyre – pumped ready to go.
  • DNM USD 8 Big Travel Triple Clamp Forks
  • DNM 220mm Rear DH shock with custom bush kit installed as pictured
  • Shimano m6000 brakes – Partially installed as pictured
  • Big 203mm rotor for improved stopping performance
  • Carbon Bars and Carbon Seat Post
  • High Quality Alloy Headset, Stem &, Seat Clamp & Bottom bracket
  • 48t Quality Chainring, Cranks & Pedals
  • High Quality KMC Chain, & Tensioner
  • 12t Single speed rear sprocket completes the drive train for sweet pedal cadence up to 55 Kmh
  • MTB Racing seat
  • Alex Rim with Continental Trail King Tyre

Bike is assembled as pictured and makes an excellent platform to finish off. Available separately are:

  • Domino Throttle
  • 15kw Powervelocity Controller
  • Battery information

Sold as is, DIY skills required to complete.

Avoid hefty shipping costs – local Bendigo, Victoria sales / pickup is recommended.

PRICE – $3,695 $3,495 $3,395! AUD Special Price (PRIVATE SALE)

New Nickel Strip 5 Meter Rolls Now Available.

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