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High Performance Electric Bikes Now Available in Bendigo

The F.U.T.R frame is designed and built in Melbourne by Stealth Electric Bikes. The guys behind the Stealth P7 and the Stealth Bomber Ebikes. Simply put they know how to make strong, reliable, good looking high performance ebikes!

If you’re looking to ride and build up a high performance custom ebike then the choice is simple. Alpha or Beta? (or why not both!)

Get more bang for your buck and customise your truly unique ride to suit your individual style and performance needs. That's the advantage of the DIY Custom build approach! Oh, and did I mention it's also a heap of rewarding fun!

Fly Under The Radar...

New Beta E-Bike Completed!

The latest Lash Ebike has rolled off the production line ! ;-) Make it yours today!

Starting with a beautiful brand new snow white F.U.T.R Frame, the vivid contrast pops with white SunRingle MTX rims and rare white X-fusion forks with a massive 170mm travel. A splash of color adds the spice amongst the carbon and bad-ass components.

The look is best described by a friend from a recent facebook comment...

It looks wicked but still slick!

Click here to check out the listing & stay tuned for a video run down and an overview of the bikes performance coming soon...

Sharp pricing at $5900! AUD

Latest Video

Lash Ebike Kits

Less time building. More time riding.

Parts change all the time - contact me for up to date parts and packages

1. Starter Kit

Save Time. Save Money. Save Headaches! Get The Starter Kit

Avoid the frustration of buying parts that don't fit! Get the frame of your choice with core components as outlined above in the frame kit, plus you get:
  • Suspension Forks - DNM USD 8 or X-Fusion Renegade
  • Rear Suspension - DNM RCP2
  • NukeProof Headset, High grade alloy stem & Carbon Handlebars
  • Carbon Seat Post, Clamp & Racing Mtb Seat
  • Optional - Fork Installation (steerer tube cut and star nut press)
  • Optional - Seat post cut to size

Contact me for more information

2. Rolling Chassis Kit

Everything you need to roll! Just add your battery and electronics

This awesome kit gives you a massive headstart on your dream ebike and takes away alot of guess work.
Get the frame of your choice with all the core components as outlined above.
  • Ready to roll Rear Hub Motor of your choice. Comes completely assembled with rim, spokes, tyre, tube, freewheel, and 200mm brake rotor (See motor options below to make your choice)
  • Downhill spec 26” front wheel comes assembled with rim, 20mm thru-axle hub, spokes, tyre, tube and 200mm brake rotor
  • Drive-line including, crankset, chain, pedals and tensioner / derailleur – fitted, lubed and ready to ride
All you need to arrange is your battery, electronics and the finishing details.

Contact me for more information and price

3. Complete Bike - Whip it & Ride

Down tools. Strap on your helmet and ride.

You get all the components listed above plus the following to complete your ride:
  • Battery (See battery options to make your choice)
  • Controller kit: Controller, Display, BMS, Breaker, Connectors, Wiring & Throttle (See controller options to make your choice)
  • Compatible charger (See charger to make your choice)
  • All parts mounted, padded, wired, connected & tested.
  • Performance hydraulic brake set fitted and ready to ride
  • Grips, mud guards and misc accessories & consumables to complete your bike

Contact me for more information

Price range guide: From $4,990 to $9,990! AUD

Alpha & Beta Ebike Kit Package Options

Browse the information below to learn more and refine your package options and create your dream Ebike! Not sure what you need? Contact me for more information.

Rear Hub Motor Options (Subject to Availability)

MXUS v3 3000W (Alpha & Beta!)
  • The MXUS V3 is capable of handling in excess of 3000W. Enthusiasts have been known to push it beyond 10Kw with cooling assistance.
  • Weighing in at around 9kg it is pretty heavy. But that weight translates to high performance.
  • The wind of choice for balanced performance of speed & torque is the "4t"
  • The V3 has curved magnets and thicker phase wires for maximum power & lower heat
  • It slots straight into the Alpha's 150mm dropouts. A custom designed axle makes it possible to squeeze into the Beta as well. Ridiculous!
MXUS 1000W
The MXUS 1000W DD Hub motor is suited to the Beta and will slot in with its 135mm dropout spacing.

Running at 1000-1500W is the maximum capacity of this motor before heat becomes an issue.

At 6Kgs it is a a perfect option for the Beta.

The medium performance of this motor is suited to undulating single track or commuting.
MXUS Geared 500W
The gearerd motor has more moving parts but allows for faster take offs and better effieciency for lower power demand.

It works well in hilly or low speed riding. Because of its low energy draw you can ride all day (70-100+ Ks or more) on a single charge.

Perfect for commuting, sunday trails, or smoother offroad adventures.

Battery Options

52V Beta Pack
52V (14s6p) pack
Let's work it out together!
66v Alpha Pack
66V (18s10p)
72v Alpha Pack
72v (20s10p) Max capacity, highest performance.

Controller Options

Adaptto Controllers (Unavailable)
The Adaptto Controllers come in 3 sizes.

The Max-E is suited to high voltage applications on the Alpha only.
The Mid-E is suited to either a high-end Beta or standard performance on the Alpha.

The Mini-E is suited to the Beta and low-end performance on the Alpha.

Budget Controllers
Budget controllers and displays can offer a good value solution, but generally lack the finesse, smoothness and fine tuning control of the more expensive Adaptto units.

Powervelocity 15kw (Alpha)
Under Review

Charger Options

Adaptto Charger & PSU (Unavailable)
The Adaptto Controller is able to be charged using a charge coil & PSU. Recommended option with Adaptto controller selection. For more information click here or contact me to discuss.
Standard Charger
Budget chargers offer a good value solution, but generally charge slower at 2A or 5A. This is ok in most cases as it prolongs your battery life.

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Place your order enquiry below and I'll be in touch to discuss details including specs, availability, time frames, and payment details.

Frame Choice

Frame Colour Preference

Kit Selection

Rolling Chassis & Complete Bike - Rear Hub Motor Option

Have a question or not ready to order just yet? feel free to call or email me to discuss.


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