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Tools & Tech For Business Success


Hi, I’m Lee. Welcome to my wesbsite.

First, please be patient as this site is under reconstruction.

I’m here to help you with your ‘tools and tech’ for business success.

I’m talking about software, plugins, platforms, efficiency, automation, and all the neat stuff for you to serve clients better, reduce stress and get more time back in your day.

Lee Ashby

Starting & Growing a Bussiness is Hard Without Tools & Tech

If software and technology is not your bread and butter and you want business success, you have a choice to make. Outsource it and get someone onboard who knows what they are doing, or dig in and learn the ropes your self.

For solopreneurs, or micro business this means there is a fair chance you’ll choose the latter and embrace tools and tech to grow your business.

Your Platform for Success

The efficiency and effectiveness of your business platform is crucial for your success. On this website I help you build your ‘technology stack’ and show you how to set up processes for your small business.

I review the tools I use for my life coaching business and suggest how they could help your business.

Low Cost Options for Statups

Monthly fees really add up. If you paid for everything you ‘need’ you’d be into thousands of dollars a year in expenses. To stay lean you only want to pay for what you really need. For the rest you want to look for the free plans and the budget options to get started. You can also implement some tips and tricks as you get your business off the ground.

As you get some sales in the door and your business is growing – only then does it make sense to upgrade your technology stack to match.

Stay Tuned for More Resources, Reviews & Tutorials

Browse the recent posts below to get stated. Bookmark the site and follow me on youtube to stay up to date with my posts and reviews.

The aim of this website is to help you save loads of expenses in running your business and save you lots of time, so you can focus on serving your clients, creating content and making an impact.

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