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The Ebike Frame of Choice

I build my ebikes using the F.U.T.R frames. They are designed and built in Melbourne by the guys behind Stealth electric bikes. Simply put they know how to make strong, reliable, good looking high performance ebikes! My ebikes are similar to the P7R and the epic Bomber Ebike.

If you’re looking to build up, customise and ride a high performance custom ebike then the choice is simple. Alpha or Beta? (or why not both!)

Lash EbikesAlpha

New Ebike Kits Available Now in Bendigo

I’m testing out my new kits right now and have a few goodies available (limited supply).

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Aiming for the perfect blend of performance, weight, cost, stealth and style I have, in my opinion put together the best, performance electric bike money can buy. I use the F.U.T.R frame as its strong, light, comfortable and tweakable geometry for speed and performance, and the best original DIY option out there. Forget unreliable copies, do it once, do it right. Plus they are made right here in Melbourne, so you are even supporting local manufacturing and jobs.

Built from the ground up for DIY enthusiasts top features include built in “torque arms”. (safety first!). Ample battery space. Room for wide tyres and max suspension compression. Ride height for all sizes. Geometry and style sets you up for a stable ride that looks the part and can handle fast offroad ‘punishment’ and super commuting.

For The DIY Enthusiast

If you’re looking to build up, tinker and create a fast, fun, personalised, high performance custom ebike then you are in the right place. If you’d prefer long warranties and scheduled servicing over soldering irons, drills, glue and swearing then head over to stealth electric bikes or head down to your local bike shop and pick up a ride instead.

See my contact details down below to get in touch for a yarn or to organise a ride.

Lash “Intimidator” – 1500w Ebike Motor & Controller Kit

Lash EbikesThe Intimidator With Motor Kit installed on the BETA frame.

Get The Intimidator (Above) Today, WITHOUT BATTERY, PRICE – $4,395 AUD (PRIVATE SALE)

Learn More – Click here for details

New Nickel Strip 5 Meter Rolls Now Available.

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